CCH Medical Center

February 19, 2015

Taulabe, Honduras – 2014

In February and March 2014, Finish the Work partnered with the Christian Community in Honduras Medical Center to complete the second floor of the facility, a kitchen, cafeteria, eight dorm rooms for medical teams, and a storage area for medical supplies and equipment.

The CCH Medical Center had been under construction since 2005 and was a collaborative effort by a variety of organizations and partnerships. Pastor Israel Gonzalez and his wife, Dr. Floripe Gonzalez, were called to this ministry during relief efforts following Hurrican Mitch in 1998. Together, they voluntarily walked away from professional positions, comfortable housing, and a secure environment in the modern province of San Pedro Sula.

The mission of CCH Medical Center is to bring quality healthcare and spiritual direction to 58 communities in a 50-mile radius, who rely on sub-standard rural clinics for marginal care.

This spacious 10,000 square-foot medical facility will now be able to house medical students, mission teams, and provide competent medical treatment to the mountain villages of Central Honduras.

Finish the Work typically completes one domestic and international project per year – sending four separate teams of people over a five-week period to complete a project from beginning to end.