Stories from the field: “I received confirmation from the Lord…”

April 10, 2017

This trip was absolutely astonishing. I honestly had no expectations of connecting with anyone this time around just because everyone knew each other from Five Stones (a different church than my own). But, I was blown away at the hand of God and His role in and through week 2. Going back to Honduras and seeing all of the familiar faces, was a blessings too great for words to describe.

This year however, I felt a tug and change in my role on these trips. Every year I have gone on a Finish the Work trip, I have always been the “baby” of the group because I was so young and basically decided to do this on my own. There were 4 other girls on my team who were all under the age of 18.  I instantly connected with them and it only got better from there. Although I’m only 20, I still felt like a guardian or role model for these girls. They experienced what I went through in high school and it was encouraging for me to help them understand how important they are and how valued they are by God.

I wanted them to know that people will let you down; friends, family, school, the things you love most have the potential to let you down. But God will not and cannot. I saw a different part of myself in each and every one of these girls. Being able to joke with them, talk, pray over, and simply love on them, was a blessings from the Lord Himself. I found out new things about myself as a growing woman, but will always recognize that I am a child of God.

It was difficult transitioning back to a world where kids my age act so privileged or don’t even realize how good they have it. But I have seen the other side and what it is like to go day to day without basic needs being met. Going to another country and experiencing the power of the Lord in such raw and untainted way is such a blessing, I cannot describe how good the Lord is besides saying that He is the one, He is Yahweh, Abba father. So, to reenter into a society that doesn’t understand can be disheartening at times.

The trip this year was my turning point and I am grateful for the ministry that takes place at El Eden and Pastor Rafael for pulling me aside and telling me that he could see the leadership that God is growing and molding inside of me. It was a confirmation from the Lord and I am without words because I am in such awe of these trips that I get to be a small part of.

story from field


Emily Jackson- Team 2