A Time to Give Thanks

A Time to Give Thanks
November 23, 2017

Finish the Work has had another year of blessing and bounty and we want to give thanks to God and all of our supporters, trip participants, and prayer warriors who have made this journey possible for us. We never want to overlook God’s movement in our ministry…big or small, significant or ordinary…because God is always there, working His plan for our good. His plan may include experiencing hardships and trials that touch us all…and it can be difficult to give thanks during those times. But it is precisely then that we must press in and not pull away from our heavenly Father…who wants us to run to Him whether we are hurting or happy. It is all about the relationship with Him.


Working with at-risk populations on the mission field….has challenged our filter on thankfulness. When we think of what we are thankful for we often have a list running through our mind of the things we have or successes we have achieved. What would it be like to not have anything of substance that you could be thankful for? No house to speak of, little clothing, and barely enough food to feed your family. Each time we witness the people we serve on the field giving thanks and praise to God in the midst of utter poverty and pain…it changes us and takes us to a deeper level of gratitude. They teach us about being truly thankful…to the One they know loves them unconditionally and is working His plan for their good. For them, it is all about the relationship.


This season as we sit around our bountiful tables, and identify the many blessings around us…check your level of gratitude…for the abundant blessings that you have been entrusted with. How will you use them to benefit others and glorify the Giver?

May God continue to shine His face upon you and your loved ones during this holiday season.


With Gratitude for all you do,

Finish the Work Teams and Leadership