Coming Home

March 20, 2015

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For the last 3 years, FTW has been privileged to welcome several Costa Rican pastors into the ranks of the participants on our annual project. At first, it was a bit awkward, but as the team adjusted to not being able to understand each other without translating every sentence, it became easier each year. The value of translation is that it gives you insight into the heart and soul of a person. When you take time to listen to every word, hear the way that a person expresses himself, it changes the way you see someone who speaks another language.

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Now, after being with the same pastors for 3 years, we know their personalities, their humor, and their Costa Rican expressions that still seem funny after 3 years together! In short, it’s like coming home.

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This year, they did not have to travel to Nicaragua, or Honduras, we came to them – serving in their native country of Costa Rica. Some stayed with us throughout the project and some came and went home at the end of the day. But all came for their special “pastors only” time with team Leader Bill Fogarty, who has been leading a unique time of sharing and honest dialog for the last 3 years. Older pastors sharing with younger Pastors to encourage and lift up each other in ministry is unusual in the same culture much less between two cultures.

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As plans are made for next year, it is our hope that we will be able to continue this FTW tradition and include our Costa Rican friends who, in their own words, “are a part of the FTW family!”