You can tell a lot about a person by the way he dies.

April 7, 2015

“When a man knows the end is near – only the important surfaces. Impending death distills the vital. The trivial is bypassed. The unnecessary is overlooked. That which is vital remains. So, if you would know Christ, ponder His final days,” Max Lucado from The Final Week of Jesus.

A theme that comes out of a Finish the Work mission trip is the revelation of things that are necessary and things that are not. A week away, unplugged from the everyday, connecting with people who live simple, uncluttered lives, often brings new perspective that we carry home with us and try to figure out how to apply to our lives. Some of us make changes and others find it difficult to apply these new thoughts to American culture, and all-too-quickly the impressions of the mission field fade away.

One impression that we took away from the international projects we participated in this year was the value of people, relationships, and community. Somehow, when there is little to be acquired, in regard to material possessions, the only thing that is left is community. Time spent on caring for, protecting, and upgrading the material is no longer needed, and there is time to know your neighbors, share a meal or a cup of coffee, or make the long walk to town for your weekly necessities. In short, there was time to minister to others and encounter the unplanned.

In a lot of ways, this is how Jesus lived His life – He spent time with people, sharing Himself and His ministry to anyone who would listen. His mission was clear and part of a plan that was set into motion long ago.

During the Easter season (and after), may we ponder our mission in life, evaluate the important, and take time to reach out to others, as if it were the last week of our lives.

We hope everyone had a blessed Easter!