Testimonial Translation

July 27, 2015

In June, we had Pastor Victor share his experience with Finish the Work, which you can read in Spanish, here. Below, is the translation.

“May God bless your lives, families and ministries my beloved brothers and sisters.

I am pastor Victor Vargas Chinchilla, from the Evangelical Methodist Church of Costa Rica, located in the community of Tuetal Sur in the province of Alajuela. I have 15 years in serving the Lord and 11 years as pastor of this beautiful church called “Restoration”.

Our local church exists from the year 1995, but it wasn’t until the year 2004 that my family and I arrived to this community, where God has permitted us to stay for 11 years.

Since 2004 we initiated a construction project, being that we couldn’t depend on a place with the greatest conditions to have our congregational meetings.

During all these years volunteers from missions in different states have been coming to work in the building of the temple, class rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, walls etc.

It was in the year 2010 when Finish The Work came to our church and finished with an excellent job, not only in the sanctuary but in the class rooms, bathrooms, dining. During the entire process of this work, God has blessed us in a great way. First with the relationship we have been able to establish with the mission volunteers and also with the advancement that has been achieved through construction of our facilities. The church has taken an extraordinary turn in growth, because we have a membership that reaches 200 people, where each of them feel very comfortable in this place that God has given us for our meetings. On the other hand, it was a great testimony to our community and that only through our Lord Jesus Christ and the labor of love and generosity of mission volunteers, they were able to build the facilities which we have today, God is good. Another important aspect worth mentioning is the relationship we have been able to achieve with Finish The Work, we now have an important group of our pastors participating in the mission work this ministry does. We have been able to serve in countries like Honduras, Nicaragua and also in projects within our country.  We pray that God continue to bless the lives of the individual men and women who with love do such an important job, as is in missions work.

With love in Christ Jesus,

Presby. Victor Vargas Chinchilla”