Our 2017 Project

June 30, 2016


Next year Finish the Work will return to Honduras to continue our work around the town of Pena Blanca. This will be our 4th project in the area, and although that is not our usual plan, we have fallen in love with the people of these communities. There is something about going back to the familiar, seeing some old faces, meeting some new ones, and noticing changes in the community, that feels a bit like you’re going home.

Here is the backstory for our next project:

The Story:

Pastors Hector and Sandra Mejia lived in the United States for several years until Sandra was diagnosed with terminal cancer. With little time to live, they returned to the small community of Rio Lindo, Honduras, to live out her final days and be buried close to family. Shortly after their return to Honduras, God miraculously healed her of cancer, and after enduring 10 miscarriages, they now have a baby girl named “Miracle.”

Hector and Sandra-2


The Vision for the facility:

Sandra and Hector (who both have other full time jobs) minister to 5 different communities in the surrounding area and desire to use the church at the Rio Lindo location to bring everyone together for services and training.


Summary of work:

The building has been under construction for 7 years. About 1/2 of the main building has unfinished block walls and a roof.  The other half has a foundation perimeter. The building will be 30 X 60 (1800 square feet) when complete.

church 2


Finish the Work teams will complete:

  • Block, roof, paint, floor, windows, doors, tile, electrical system
  • Two unfinished classrooms for kids under the existing building
  • Bathrooms (partially started) and a kitchen


Join us for our next trip so you can meet Hector and Sandra up close and in personal!