Custom-Made for a Perfect Fit

March 15, 2017


group pic on stage
One of the things we are learning on Team 4 is that here in Honduras there are no standards in the building trade. Doors are cut to random measurements, and windows may or may not fit the actual opening. If they don’t fit, the thought is “just fill in around it with a little concrete and we’re good to go!” That makes it a bit tricky to finish out a building…and often we find ourselves needing to “custom-make” something that is a perfect fit.

window in kitchen

God has assembled Team 4 with a perfect fit for this week. We say it every year but it’s always true…God puts together the teams to meet the needs of any given week, and Finish the Work takes it from there. This team had many people sign up, then, for a variety of reasons, they were unable to go.

As we watched the revolving door, we wondered, “What is God going to do with this team?” Well, He is doing amazing things. People who barely knew each other before day 1 on the ground, have come together to help complete the project and finish well. Older people, younger people, 3 generations from one family, Costas Ricans that don’t speak much English, and Americans that don’t speak much Spanish!


pastor and angieWe should not be surprised by God’s desire to teach us how to be one in the Body of Christ. We see differences, but God has “custom-made” us for a perfect fit to carry out His purposes and bring Him glory!